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Open Roads= Safe Roads
Treating roads for snow and ice pays for itself within an few minutes of the treatment being applied, not only by keeping transportation moving but also reducing crashes by almost 90 percent, injuries by up to 85 percent, and accident cost by up to 85 percent. Join us today to make roads safer.
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Open Roads = Strong Economies
One day of impassable roads can cost a state from $300 million to $1 billion in lost productivity. Multiply that by a dozen or more communities hit in a single snowstorm and the costs increase exponentially, with the hardest hit being lower- and middle-income Americans, those who work for an hourly wage. Join us today to make our economy stronger
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Open Roads = Lives Saved
The USDOT Federal Highway Administration data lists an average of 1,836 deaths and 136,309 injuries per year due to snowy and icy roads. The average icy road fatality count is 3.6 times the total deaths from all other weather hazards combined. Join us today to save lives.
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NCFOR is constantly developing resources to aid in policy discussions related to winter road maintenance and best practices. Check back often to see what’s new!

Our Mission

The National Coalition for Open Roads (NCFOR) advocates for the most responsible policies and cost-effective winter road maintenance practices to ensure roads remain open and safe. NCFOR works with leaders in government, business, the driving public, and our snow fighter partners to improve economic impact and public safety

“Our mission is safe, open roads.”

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