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The National Coalition for Open Roads (NCFOR) advocates for the most responsible policies and cost-effective winter road maintenance practices to ensure roads remain open and safe. NCFOR works with leaders in government, business, the driving public, and our snow fighter partners to improve economic impact and public safety.

“Our mission is safe, open roads.”

About Us

Safe roads are not only critical to personal and community welfare, but to economic growth and well-being.  One day of snow-covered roads can cost a state hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity, affecting nearly all industries—from agriculture, retail and healthcare to hosting, logistics and construction.

The association is funded by membership dues and donations.

Tax Status

The National Coalition for Open Roads (NCFOR) is a 501(c)(6) organization dedicated to education, public awareness, policy promotion and political engagement to build and sustain safe and passable roads, streets, and highways.

Governor Spencer Cox - Safe Roads